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Drain Cleaning Service: Floor Drain Issues And How To Prevent Them | Richardson, TX

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Believe it or not, floor drains are the most neglected part of your indoor plumbing. Though you remember to look after your hot water system and pipes, you may forget floor drain cleaning service and maintenance unless an emergency arises.

Do you know whenever your house floods due to an outside source or broken pipe, a floor drain in the basement, driveway, or garage captures this overflow and drains it away from your house? Hence, it prevents damages to your expensive woodwork and eliminates mold growth.

You can install a floor drain anywhere in your Richardson, TX, house for efficient drainage.

How Does a Floor Drain Work?

Floor drains accommodate water overflows from any direction in your property. Copious amounts of water sitting around your home’s foundation or garage can seep in and cause long-term damage. Floor drains have a trap to divert this water away from your property.

The trap also prevents gases and odors from sewage from drifting into your home. But, it clogging is a massive headache. You need to tackle the issue immediately and call an emergency drain cleaning service.

Signs of Floor Drain Blockages and Backup

Since floor drain is the lowest plumbing system in your home, it directly connects to your sewage lines. Whether there’s clogging in the indoor pipeline or outside sewage lines, the backup water enters your home through the floor drains and causes nasty aftermaths.

Clogging will prevent the water from receding, and you’ll need a professional drain cleaning service to resolve the issue. And if you wonder what indicates this problem, here are the signs to look for:

Drain Blockages

If the floor drain overflows and doesn’t drain out, there may be a severe blockage or clogging in the sewer pipes. It may be due to debris or hair stuck into the drain. Whatever is the reason, clear them immediately.

Sometimes, soap, grease, and crystallized waste also create solid blockages on floor drains. You need professional help to remove them. Expert plumbers in Richardson, TX, have a spinning blade to cut through the crystallized waste and remove the troublesome blockage.

Nasty Smells

As soon as you notice any foul smells emanating from the floor drains, check the trap and see if it is clogged. A dry trap means sewer smells can back up into your house, bringing unwanted and pesky insects along. If it happens, pour some water to refill the trap and eliminate the odors.

Sewer Backups

In the worst-case scenario, you may find backflows from the sewer after heavy rain. Problems in your plumbing system may also cause municipal sewers to back up and enter your basement. It is disgusting, messy, and a health hazard.

Call an expert drain cleaning service provider to install a backflow preventer gate and avoid this problem.

How to Prevent Common Floor Drain Issues

Often, you will notice the floor drain issues after it’s too late. In some cases, homeowners don’t even know about this drainage system unless it backs up or causes flooding issues.

Preventing these problems is the only way to avoid significant plumbing repairs down the line. Here are the preventive maintenance tips that can make it happen.

Inspect the Traps Frequently

Floor drain traps work well if they have enough water to serve as a barrier between your home and the sewer line.

Hence, check the trap seal frequently to ensure proper water level in it. If it is empty, pour a gallon of water down the floor drain immediately. And if you still notice nasty odors coming from it, call the big guns for a professional drain cleaning service.

Remove the Clogs Immediately

Debris, pet hair, dust, or lint from your dryer may clog the floor drains over time. You will notice the drain working slower than usual. Troubleshoot this problem immediately by unclogging the drains using plunger pumps.

However, it may not work if the clog is deeper than you anticipate. If it happens, don’t hesitate to call drain cleaning service experts for unclogging them.

Regular Drain Maintenance is Essential

With regular floor drain cleaning, you may avoid future blockages and unwanted expenses. Every season, check the drains properly to clear away the debris accumulated around them. Please include it in your regular plumbing maintenance schedule so that you won’t forget it.

Why Do You Need Professional Floor Drain Cleaning?

A clog-free and functional floor drain keeps the floors dry and safe in your house. Regular and preventive maintenance can keep them so and offer benefits like:

  • Prevent Flooding– Clogged drains can cause water backup in your home. So, whenever you notice slow draining from the floor drains, call an emergency drain cleaning service to unclog them.


  • Prevent Mold Growth and Water Damage– Your basement, garage, or driveway, where floor drains are installed, become susceptible to water damage and mold growth if moisture seeps into the walls and floors. It may even cause serious health issues if you or a family member is allergic to mold. Regular cleaning and unclogging can prevent such problems.


  • Prevent Costly Repairs– If you neglect floor drain issues, they compound into bigger problems and end up draining your pockets. Call a professional drain cleaning at regular intervals to avoid this unwanted expense.

You’ll need floor drains that function like a well-oiled machine for a smooth flow of water and problem-free drainage in your home. Follow the maintenance tips mentioned above and hire experts for a regular drain cleaning service to ensure the same.

Call Local Plumbing Experts for Addressing Floor Drain Issues

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North East Dallas, we provide an excellent drain cleaning service for homeowners. Our expert plumbers examine and identify potential risk factors leading to floor drain issues and fix them before it’s too late. Call us at 972-483-2583 to book a maintenance schedule right away!

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