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Best Leak Detection Tips And When To Call For An Emergency Plumber | Heath, TX

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A leak in the pipes can result in exorbitant water bills at the end of the month. It is also a liability for the environment, considering most of us have become very conscious about water wastage. Unfortunately, a leak in the pipes is not easily perceptible and needs an emergency plumber.

A water leak could happen anywhere in the plumbing, embedded in the walls, hidden from sight. You might not even realize there is a leak unless you start noticing a damp patch on the wall or a mold infestation indicates excess moisture. If allowed to increase, this could result in costly repairs shortly. It is best if you give a call to your emergency plumber at Heath, TX, to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Why Is Early Water Leak Detection Crucial?

The costs of repair for water damage can be exorbitant. You might have to overhaul the piping if the leak has increased beyond emergency plumber repairs. You will have to take care of the paneling around the leak, as well as any damage to the walls around.

If mold and mildew infestation begins, it can also take a toll on your family’s health as they can give rise to allergic reactions and respiratory issues if unwittingly inhaled. Those with existing issues like asthma or with a history of laryngitis will be at greater risk of developing severe symptoms, adding to your medical costs as well.

And all because of a leak.

Additionally, you would end up paying for water that you are not even using. If a drop of water leaks every second, about 17 gallons of water gets wasted in a day and you end up paying for it. Hence, detecting hidden leaks by an emergency plumber is of utmost importance.

How to Detect Leaks at Home?

Here are some tips you can follow to detect a leak early.

Listen Carefully

If you hear any unusual sound inside the plumbing behind the walls, listen carefully to determine a leak. A leak might not just have the regular, dripping sound that we are mostly accustomed to. A groaning sound inside the pipe can also signal a leak.

They will also let out sounds if there is abnormal pressure on the pipe which might end in a leak. If the leak is under the floor, you might notice warm spots at places. If you are unable to locate the exact spot but you are sure there is a leak, call in an emergency plumber.

Carry Out Periodic Inspections

As a homeowner, you should carry out periodic inspections. Look around the corners of the pipes outside the home, and under the kitchen sink. Check the ceilings and the basement walls and flooring. Try to notice if the bathroom tiles have water seeping from under them.

Go into the attic to check if the roof drainage pipes are functioning properly and there are no damp patches. If you find there are spaces too tricky for you to inspect but you suspect a leak, call an emergency plumber.

Check for That Musty Smell

Leaks typically happen out of sight, in the darkest corners of the house where the plumbing is practically out of sight. The corner becomes moist and such dark and damp places soon develop a musty odor.

So even if you cannot see the leak, if you detect this strange, unwelcome smell, you can be sure there is a leak somewhere. You need to take care of this issue by calling an emergency plumber in Heath, TX because before long, fungus and insects will soon make their home in dark and damp corners.

Check Your Water Bills

If you are sure that you only use a particular quantity of water each day and despite it, you see your water bills rated higher than usual, then chances are you have an undetected leak. Do not assume that it is a glitch from the billing department and that it would be resolved next month.

It could be anything from a leaking faucet to a faulty pipe inside the walls. While the former is easily repairable, the latter is not and you need an expert emergency plumber to resolve the issue. Or else, you will end up paying huge bills for water that you are not even using.

Pest Infestation

If you suddenly find your home has become pest-ridden, then you might have a leak somewhere which is making the place moist enough for it to become a breeding ground. Everything from ants, rodents, roaches, and termites will fester in such moist places. They feed on the dirty water accumulated from the leak and make your premises unhygienic.

Take care of the leak as early as possible because it is the root cause of the problem. If allowed to grow, you might have to call in pest control experts to get rid of such infestation and it will be an expensive and cumbersome affair.

Place a Call Now To Detect and Repair Any Leaks on Your Premises

If you suspect any leaks on your premises and want experts to detect the leak accurately and fix the problem, then experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North East Dallas are just a phone call away. We understand that a leak can result in high water bills and also pose certain health risks for you and your dear ones.

With years of experience in this field, our emergency plumbers will detect even the tiniest of leaks at your home, no matter how difficult they might be to locate otherwise. Once detected, we will also suggest measures on how to fix the leak, in a time and cost-effective manner, so that you can rest easy. Call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North East Dallas today and you won’t have to worry about unaffordable water bills or pest and health concerns anymore.

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