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Finding A Good Plumbing Service | McKinney, TX

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Are you fed up with slowly draining sinks and drains? Is a dripping tap keeping you awake at night? Have you got a blocked toilet or a clogged drain? If you live in McKinney, TX, you need to look no further than bluefrog plumbing and drain to save the day.

Whatever kind of plumbing service you need, turn to the professionals at bluefrog plumbing. We have an unrivaled team of expert plumbers at hand to help you in a crisis.

A Plumbing Service Second to None

From a burst pipe to a leaking tap, we repair them all. We at bluefrog plumbing offers a full range of services to both residential and business customers.

Drain Services

There are several common signs that your drains are clogged:

  • The water in the sinks or tub takes a long time to drain
  • The toilets are struggling to flush completely or are overflowing
  • The drains smell of mildew or mold

Warm grease is probably the worst thing to pour down a sink, but it doesn’t stop people from doing it. As the grease cools down it sticks to the inside of pipes and drains. Pieces of food, hair, soap, and dust will bind to the sticky grease and accumulate over time, blocking the pipes or drain.

Over time the sink will take longer and longer to drain and flush. If a toilet clogs up too much it can start to overflow. This is when you need an emergency plumbing service. Remember if you have a clog then call bluefrog.

Faucets and Sinks Repair

If your bathroom or kitchen is old, the seal at the drain could have weakened over time causing a drain leak. This could also occur at the slip joints on the drainpipe. Whatever, the cause is still a drain leak. If you notice any mildew or mold smells coming from the sink cabinet, water pooling around the sink, or even water stains on the ceiling, you need an emergency plumbing service.

Water Heater Repair and Installation

The most common sign that there is a problem with your water heater is a lack of hot water. This could be due to the age of your unit.

We at bluefrog plumbing recommend an annual service of your water heater. This is a service that we offer. Not only will this ensure that your unit is safe but that runs efficiently, saving on your utility bills. However, even the best-maintained water heater will occasionally need repair. Our plumbers deal with many types of water heater every day.

Eventually, you are going to need a new water heater. Even, if you have an older unit that works well, it will be more cost-effective to replace it. Modern-day tankless water heaters are a lot more energy-efficient, so saving you money in the longer term.

Piping and Repiping

With an older house, it’s piping probably hasn’t been upgraded since it was built, making it more susceptible to continuous leaks. The water quality may be poor due to flakes of rust entering the system from badly corroded pipes. It may be time to replace the piping. Whether your pipes need repairing or replacing, you can rest assured that a bluefrog plumber will help you decide which plumbing service you need.

Further Signs That You Need an Emergency Plumbing Service

Early detection can save you a lot of anxiety and money in repair bills. Such signs include:

  • Hearing dripping or running water. This is a sure sign that you need an emergency plumbing service. A lot of leaks can’t be seen, if you notice a sharp increase in your water bills you may leak.


  • Mysterious puddles of water – If your grass is unusually green or wet when it has not rained, you could have a slab leak. A slab leak occurs when pipes leak under the foundations of your home. If you leave a great deal of damage can be done to the structure of your home.


  • Low water pressure – Normally caused by a leak or clogging, low water pressure could be due to a faulty hot water shut-off valve in your heater.

if you are worried about your plumbing system for any reason it is best to call bluefrog plumbing as quickly as possible. The longer you delay any repairs the more damage will be caused and the larger the eventual repair bill.

bluefrog Plumbing Helping the Community Stay Safe and Clean

Why do people turn to bluefrog Plumbing and Drain when they need an emergency plumbing service in their home? It is because our plumbing services are the best in the industry. We put you as the customer first. Every plumber on our team refuses to settle for less than the best for all our customers.

They will not leave until they have finished the job. They will not leave until they have cleaned up all the mess after them. They will not leave until YOU are satisfied with the work.

You can rely on us to get the job done the right first time.

If you have any plumbing issues, you can have confidence that we have the knowledge and ability to fix the problem quickly.

Customer Feedback

“After being let down by two plumbers I contacted Bluefrog Plumbing. I got a rapid response, and it was clear from the start that they are experts on the water heater. The problem was quickly diagnosed as a faulty sensor and the heater is running like new. Bluefrog plumbing is highly recommended by me.”

Chris Anderson, Allen, TX, September 2020

“I always use Bluefrog plumbing, they are quick and efficient. I have had many plumbers out before, but these guys are the best. Thanks for a job well done.”

Neil White, McKinney, TX, August 2020

“I called at 1.30 pm and they came round at 2.30 pm. They fixed the old water heater that was leaking, with a neat, clean and efficient job. I will use them to replace the heater and recommend them to local people.”

Bob Hernandez, Fairview, TX, May 2020

The professionals at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North East Dallas are here for you!

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