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Plumbing Is Changing: Here’s How From Your Plumber | Rockwall, TX

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The plumbing industry and the way plumbers work remained static for many years. Mostly based on mechanical repairs, plumbing was a classic trade based on the collective wisdom of professionals who’d been doing things the same way since the advent of plumbing in the Roman era. Like almost everything else in society, the sector is changing with the times –– especially as digital and smart technologies alter the consumer / plumber relationship, and the way repairs and service calls are carried out. Many of the changes are aimed at efficiency, conserving increasingly precious resources and integrating plumbing with other domestic or commercial infrastructure. In case you haven’t used a certified plumber in Rockwall, TX lately, here are just a few of the major ways in which the plumbing industry is changing:

  • More comprehensive services are being offered. Where plumbing was once confined to fixing pipes and installing fixtures, today’s plumbing professional may need to service HVAC systems, install greywater systems, tankless water heaters, sump pumps and more. Plumbing professionals need to have a broader knowledge of household and commercial infrastructure than previously, as well as access to a network of specialists with whom to collaborate. As homes become “smarter”, with greater integration and interdependency of previously isolated systems, this trend will only continue.
  • Smart technology for plumbing companies. We’ve seen how technology has impacted diagnostics in plumbing. Using video cameras snaked through the smallest pipes to detect the source of leaks, using smart monitoring devices such as water detection alarms, or smart irrigation systems, and mobile information retrieval –– most plumbing companies have favorite technologies at the ready when they make a service call. This can lead to small efficiencies, in the case of conserving water, or very large ones when underground pipes need to be replaced.
  • Smart technology for consumers. In the same way that plumbers are increasingly turning to smart technology, so are many of their customers. Especially in the bathroom, smart showers and toilets are all the rage and offer built-in water conservation and features like self-cleaning and hands-free functionality. In the kitchen, smart faucets turn on at a touch, are touch-less or even voice-activated. Some can be pre-programmed to perform certain tasks (“fill a cup with cold water”, for example). Professionals must understand the intricacies of sourcing, installing and programming these new fixtures that homeowners are so interested in.
  • Eco-concerns. Many of the newer technologies in plumbing dovetail with increased awareness of sustainability and efforts to not squander natural resources. Like most homeowners, most plumbing companies care about the environment. The industry is changing to reflect this on a number of fronts. Plumbing professionals may suggest replacing PVC or metal pipes that are expensive to recycle with polyethylene and polypropylene ones, which are sturdy but easily recycled at end of life. Insulating hot water pipes is yet another simple fix for conserving energy. Plumbers are increasingly experienced with installing greywater systems that divert mostly clean wastewater for reuse. And they are knowledgeable about low-flow fixtures and other energy and water-saving strategies, some of which may even be solar-powered.
  • The new-ish importance of online reviews. People used to find their plumbing company from the Yellow Pages or word-of-mouth recommendations from neighbors or relatives. Now, they are more likely to turn to social media reviews to assess a plumber’s expertise and reliability. Some surveys reveal that as many as 90% of consumers look for high star ratings and glowing reviews when looking for a plumbing professional or another type of tradesperson or service. Customers who are deeply satisfied with the work of their regular or assigned plumber should be willing to write a favorable online review to share the joy with others –– and a plumbing professional with a happy customer should not hesitate to ask for one.
  • The diversity of the industry is changing. Many tradespeople are reaching the age of retirement, and a serious labor shortage is looming. The industry is responding by appealing to demographics that have traditionally been shut out of the trade, including women. The way plumbing professionals train and apprentice is also being constantly updated as the industry embraces new responsibilities and technologies.
  • Automated workflows and scheduling. Most people rely on their mobile phones when looking for services. So more and more plumbing providers are using responsive websites and scheduling applications for real-time scheduling. In many areas, a top-notch plumbing company is just a few clicks away. Dispatchers and administrators of plumbing services are also benefiting from innovations in workflow software to efficiently schedule their most in-demand plumbing companies and handle sudden emergencies or extreme weather situations. It all makes for a faster-paced, more responsive, and efficient experience for both the plumbing company and customer.
  • Plumbing companies are becoming educators. When it comes to smart and green technologies, plumbers have a wealth of knowledge to help customers maximize limited resources while saving money. They may be required to program or fine-tune complex systems and fixtures and explain maintenance protocols. Because they are the experts, customers increasingly look to plumbing professionals to learn about state-of-the-art products, money-saving tips, and industry innovations. For this reason, having access to a certified and experienced plumbing professional is more important to home and business owners than ever.

If you’re looking for the services of a fully certified plumbing company with state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge in the Rockwall, TX area, give the friendly team at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Northeast Dallas a call today. Their plumbers are experienced and up to date with a swiftly changing industry. Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance, upgrading to smarter plumbing fixtures or HVAC elements, or require traditional emergency plumbing services, they can dispatch a technician 24/7 to ensure the safety and comfort of your entire family, no matter the situation.

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