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Plumbing Service Tips: Everything You Need To Know About A Toilet Flange | McKinney, TX

Photo By Drifting Light at Shutterstock The inner workings of a toilet are a mystery to most people but a plumbing service can explain all of it. Have you ever heard of a toilet flange? Toilet flanges are sometimes called closet flanges and are the connections between the toilet and the floor, as well as to […]

Steps To Take If You Have Frozen Pipes In Your Home – Step 1: Call An Emergency Plumber | Rockwall, TX

Photo By jjn In warm weather, water flows freely but, as temperatures drop, it does take a toll on your plumbing. When water within your pipe freezes, it expands and builds tremendous pressure causing the pipes to burst. Such a calamity invariably happens at a weak spot in your piping. Turning on your faucet and […]

Common Winter Plumbing Problems That Require The Attention Of Plumbing Service Professionals | McKinney, TX

Photo By eelphoto1 at istock Winters are beautiful and give you some time to spend with family. But the chilly season poses some great challenges to your house’s plumbing system. If you are a resident of McKinney, TX, winters may take a toll on your pipes, due to which you may end up with no […]

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