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There are many reasons that you might need to call a plumber — some are merely annoying while others are dangerous. If you have a solid understanding of the issue, it can help you figure out how to get the help you need.

When the plumbing goes wrong in your home or business, don’t panic. Help is nearby to prevent major damage to your home and belongings.

If you’re in Heath, TX, and you need an emergency plumber, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain in on the case. Here are typical plumbing emergencies that we handle for our clients.

Problems with Water Lines

If you live in an area with an aging infrastructure, broken water lines might not be a new occurrence. If you don’t know what to do, don’t worry — we do. Tree roots, earthquakes and construction are all suspects when it comes to the culprit for your burst pipes. You could even do the damage when putting in irrigation or shoveling a garden plot. Our professionals can stem the tide of the resulting flood.

When your water line breaks, water can pool in your yard and your water quality reflects the break. First, water pressure decreases. If the broken line is a sewer pipe, unpleasant odors indicate the problem. This is definitely a time to call our trusted, licensed plumbers.

Sump Pump Problems

If your sump pump stops working, you can try a home ready before calling the emergency plumber. Take the screen off and clear off any debris that could be blocking the impeller, impeding it from rotating. If you don’t see anything clogging the pump, it’s time to enlist the aid of a professional. The pump might need a new float switch or a bad electrical connection could be the cause, especially if your pump isn’t new.

Burst Pipes

This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in our line of work. When a pipe bursts, call an emergency plumber right away. Then, try to curb the flooding to minimize damage. Burst pipes can dump up to 100 gallons of water in a few hours. Shutting off the water supply and opening the taps prevents flooding and empties the lines. Move furniture and belongings out of the line of any remaining leaks.

Smelly Water in the Faucets

Do you smell sewage when you run the taps? If so your sump pump or septic tank could be faulty. Call a plumber and do not use the water until the problem is resolved. Make sure your home is well ventilated to allow the fumes to clear quickly.

Issues with the Toilets

Faulty toilets also top the list for the most common problems in your plumbing. Luckily, you can take action to remedy the problem while waiting for the emergency plumber to arrive or as a troubleshooting step before you call us. Wear rubber gloves, open the toilet tank and inspect the flapper and seal. Close the flapper to prevent more water from filling the bowl. Then, grab a plunger and gradually press down to create a seal. Use aggressive plunging motions to unlodge the block. If this doesn’t work or you are unwilling to deal with the toilet tank, no problem. Give us a call.

Do not pour boiling water down the toilet. This doesn’t work. Harsh chemicals can compromise your pipes and should be used as a last resort.

Blocked Drains

Does your sink or shower drain very slowly? Are you hearing gurgling noises indicating a blockage? These are signs that it’s time to clean the drain to prevent a more serious blockage that is a true emergency.

Clogs occur as a natural result of daily use. Food, hair, grease and soap build up and plug the pipe. Once the water ceases to drain at all, call an emergency plumber right away.

Water Heater Woes

If your water heater starts to leak, it may take a while to notice it. If you suspect a leak, check the drip fan. If it isn’t filling up, then your leak could be due to your water heater.

To prevent further leaking, turn off the water heater and the inlet. To find the inlet, look to the side of the water heater. It could also be above the unit. If that doesn’t work, turn off the main water source and call an emergency plumber immediately.

Frozen Pipes

Although it’s not as cold here as some parts of the country, winter temperatures can drop quickly, causing water to freeze in the pipes in Heath, TX. This can cause a lot of damage. Frozen pipes crack and break and can cause structural damage to your home. You can use a hairdryer to thaw the pipe. However, if you see a break, then don’t take any action. Call an emergency plumber to handle the job. We can also install insulation to prevent a future recurrence.

Hot Water Temperature Issues

If your hot water reaches scalding temperatures, the water heater probably overheated. If you can, switch the water heater off, let the faucets run and call a plumber right away.

Leaking Pipes

If the leak is coming from a broken or cracked pipe, you need the help of a plumber. A patch job won’t last for long and you could end up with a bigger problem than you started with

Older pipes present another issue — it may be time to request an inspection of your plumbing system. Proper maintenance can end up being cheaper than replacing all the plumbing when there’s a catastrophic break.

Do You Need an Emergency Plumber?

When there’s a problem with your plumbing that requires immediate attention, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain for an emergency plumber.

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