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Finding A Plumbing Service | McKinney, TX

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Major flooding can happen in many parts of the country including. Having a plumbing service that is trained and ready to go is necessary in a flood to ensure that after the waters recede your plumbing system. The service you call will be working both in and under your house up to the municipal connections. It is also important for you to work with your insurance company to make sure you do everything correctly from every direction.

Your Plumbing Fixtures

When a flood occurs in your home it is likely that both your indoor and outdoor plumbing fixtures will likely have been damaged by some aspect of the storm and will probably need to be replaced by a plumbing service. On the positive side these fixtures are generally cheaper items to replace. If you don’t call for plumbing service you may have bigger issues going forward because of the flood water, especially if they were submerged in water for any length of time. Those faucets, shower heads, and toilets will need to be heavily disinfected and if not bacterial growth especially for E. Coli, Salmonella, and Shigella could get in contact with your body and get you sick. Also outdoor faucets and spigots will also need you to get them inspected and sanitized.

Unclogging The Drains

It shouldn’t be a major surprise that clogged drains are also a common issue with flooding, and a call to a plumbing service may be in order. Flood water generally contains some amount of sediment and small enough debris, which can get into your plumbing, specifically your drains or your feed if your water main leaks in. A large growth of sediment material can clog a drain, and many times you can’t take care of them yourselves. You will want all of your drains and pipes inspected for clogs or excess sediment before you use them and cause more damage to your home.

Exposed Pipes Take A Beating

When you have pipes that are above the ground level in your home take damage from the water that comes through from a flood you may not see all the damage they occur at first. That debris or sediment that gets inside the pipes are not the only things roughing the pipes up. Large debris that floats in your house or comes from outside can impact the pipes and that will lead to a higher chance of a broken or leaking system that will require you to call a plumbing system more often. In McKinney, TX you don’t usually have older homes, the current average housing age is under 20 years, but you don’t have to deal with metal pipes that are harder to tell what actually is damaged. Based on the time that your house was actually built you will have either the modern PVC or PEX pipe and they generally hold up to internal pressure well but are not as able to take as much of a beating as older copper pipes. Their advantage however is that if they are damaged you do not need to replace whole sections and a plumbing service can replace just a piece of it.

The Underground Plumbing May Also Be Damaged

If the flooding to your home and neighborhood was extensive either with a lot of fast moving water eroding your top soil or a lot of standing water on top of the ground for a long period of time, your underground plumbing may also be damaged requiring a call for plumbing service. In most instances you are responsible for all underground pipes up to the municipality connection for both water and sewer and if they get damaged can be very expensive. During the flood the water and the saturated soil will begin to combine and compact to increase the weight and pressure on the underground water and sewer lines leading them to possibly have been crushed or jostled loose as a result. After the water recedes, be sure to check the property or call a professional plumbing service for signs of sinkholes or uneven areas around where your plumbing system is as these are signs of damaged water and sewer lines. These projects can be quite expensive if the homeowner is on the hook but check with your municipality for more details.

The Foundation

If the pressure from a flood gets in the way of your house the worst case scenario would be foundation damage. A well versed plumbing service would be able to get you started on the right track to see if you have damage caused by a flood and to help you prepare for that major project. When homes are on concrete pads and flood that is where you see some of the footage of these full sized homes just floating away, they aren’t as attached to the foundation as a home with a basement. Having that situation is bad enough, but most of the time the flooding you will experience in McKinney, TX won’t be to that scale. Usually it will be a slight bulge in the foundation or visible shifting of the blocks or concrete that the house is clamped down on. Foundation damage should be corrected as soon as possible to ensure your safety.

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