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10 Times You Need To Call A Plumber | Rockwall, TX

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DIY culture is huge these days, and after the global pandemic, it only got larger as people took to home projects to stay busy when they couldn’t do anything else. Learning to take care of your own home is a great idea, and it will serve you well down the road. Homeowners have a lot of responsibilities and regardless of how new your home is when you first purchase it, eventually, the systems within it will start to age. However, it is usually not a great idea to try to fix your own plumbing problems.

Your home plumbing is an intricate system that you depend on daily, and it is not one that you want to take chances with. Plumbers have to be trained, certified, and licensed so when you hire a plumbing service you know that you are hiring someone who is going to get the job done right the first time. Unless you happen to hold a plumbing license (in which case you probably aren’t looking for a plumber), then you need to hire a professional to handle your plumbing issues.

The big issue is that a lot of small issues turn into large issues when they are not correctly handled. Any time you have a plumbing issue flooding is always a large risk factor, and there is no halfway point with a flood. Floods always cause water damage and it only takes a tiny bit of water to spur the growth of mold and mildew that can literally destroy your walls, flooring, and personal belongings. A lot of people are shocked at how small an amount of water can spur the growth of mold, and if you don’t have a plumber investigate your system that small amount of water can easily be dripping out through an unseen leak.

That all said, you may still be wondering if you need to hire a plumber or not to take care of your plumbing issue in Rockwall, TX. Even if the plumbing issue is not an emergency it’s probably a good idea to consider a professional plumbing service. Here are ten times that you definitely want to hire a plumbing service. If any of these situations are happening- don’t try to handle them on your own unless you want to pay high repair bills later.

Sudden Rise in Water Bills

If your water bill suddenly jumps up and there is no reasonable explanation for it such as filling up your Rockwall, TX pool then you need to call a plumbing service. There are dozens of reasons why your water bill might increase sharply and they all have to do with plumbing issues. A professional can quickly isolate the reason and fix it.

Loss of Hot Water

Waking up to a cold shower or coming home to discover you have no hot water but a flooded basement because your water heater dropped is a huge problem. You need a solution quickly or your home will become unlivable, which is why you should call a plumbing service right away.

Loss of Water Pressure

At first, a loss of water pressure might not seem like an emergency, until it takes half an hour to fill up a pot of water to make dinner. Water pressure is very important for everything from washing clothes to cleaning your dishes to taking a shower and a professional plumber will help you get it back.

Varying Levels of Water Pressure

Equally annoying is if your water pressure seems to change constantly. There are several reasons why this may be occurring and they all require help from a plumber to fix it. If you never know if you are going to get a shower with pressure or not it is time to call a plumber and get to the bottom of it.

Loss of Water Completely

On the other hand, if you come home and have no water then you have an even larger issue. At this point, you have an actual emergency that has to be addressed because you cannot live in a home without water. You cannot even flush the toilet so you don’t have time to play around.

Leak in Your Main Water Line

Your main water line is responsible for bringing water from the city supply into your home. If something happens to the water line then you are looking at a major repair. Not only will it require zoning permits, but it will also require professional excavating equipment.

Toilet Is Overflowing

No one wants to deal with an overflowing toilet because it means you don’t have a working toilet in your home and you have sewage on the floor. While it can be a one-time occurrence, if it continues to happen it is time to call a plumbing service and get to the bottom of the situation.

Backup in Your Floor Drain

Another equally disgusting discovery is a backup in your floor drain. Usually, if your floor drain is backing up it is because there is a partial or full obstruction in your sewer line. You might be able to bust it up slightly on your own, but if you don’t address the issue it will clog again and you will be in the same disgusting position all over again.

You Suspect Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

One common reason why sewer lines back up is tree roots, and unlike other issues, you can’t solve the issue permanently. Tree roots will always come back so you need a professional plumber who can offer you regular cleanouts to stay ahead of the problem.

You Notice a Leaking Pipe

Leaking pipes are always a sign of trouble and the first indicator that there may be water damage hiding in your home. If you suspect water damage you need to call for help from a plumber right away. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North East Dallas is always ready to help if you are facing a plumbing issue in your Rockwall, TX home.

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