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What To Do Before Your Plumber Arrives

Many homeowners consider themselves to be “do-it-yourselfers.” It’s a unique way to save money…sometimes. Unfortunately, few homeowners are adequately trained in modern plumbing systems. They believe a repair found online will suffice and occasionally, a trick works. Often, though, professional repairs are likely to be scheduled down the road. Save yourself some time and opt for the professional plumbing service. The money you spend is well worth it. Before your plumber arrives, consider these steps.

Clean the Work Area

If you’re scheduling plumbing service, it is a common courtesy to clean the work area ahead of time. A clean workspace will ensure there are no distractions or discomfort when your plumber is, for example, underneath the bathroom sink. There is only so much room in a cabinet or crawl space for a person to fit.

Consider this: If you have sponges, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and soap bottles underneath your bathroom sink, that adds precious minutes of cleaning and organization time for the plumber. That’s time you are being billed for. Any area your plumber needs to access should be clear and clean before arrival.


While perhaps not a physical task to prepare your home for a plumbing service, take some time to research qualifications. Calling an individual who does plumbing work on the side is often an unwise decision that could cost you money.

Before scheduling service, ensure the plumbing company you’ve considered has the proper qualifications. The right licensing, insurance, and bonding can go a long, long way. In fact, most businesses cannot operate without proper licensing. Furthermore, having insurance ensures your home is protected in the event of any further damage or injuries on the job.

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