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The Difference Between ABS And PVC Pipe And When To Have A Plumber Change Them | McKinney, TX

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When it comes to plumbing, PVC pipes and ABS pipes are the most familiar varieties used in most properties. However, not everyone is aware of the differences between the two. Only an experienced plumber in McKinney, TX, can tell you which kind of pipes would be most suitable for your plumbing needs, based on the requirements of your property. Both of these pipes are used extensively for new and replacement but knowing about the differences can give you a deeper insight into their respective properties.

Difference Between PVC and ABS Pipes

Here are some main differences.

Pipe Materials

PVC pipes are made from polymerized vinyl chloride materials. ABS pipes, on the other hand, are made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene materials. In layman’s terms, the PVC pipes are made from solid plastic. This makes the pipes stronger and durable but also very rigid.

The ABS pipes are also made from plastic, but a layer of foam is inserted between two plastic layers. The ABS pipes are lighter, more flexible, and can be a good choice in tight places that need a lot of maneuvering.

An experienced plumber will look at the plumbing system to suggest which pipes best suit the task.

Installation Process

Another difference between PVC pipes and ABS pipes is their process of installation. ABS pipes are easier to install in most cases as the setup can be completed in a single step, and the main accessory here is the recommended glue.

In the case of PVC installation, you have to go through a two-step installation process. At first, a primer fixer has to be applied to the joints. Then, the recommended glue or solvent cement has to be used at the joints.

An experienced plumber will tell you all about the installation process, the time it might take depending on the project’s magnitude, and which pipes would be more long-lasting for your property.

Indoor or Outdoor Application

Another difference between PVC pipes and ABS pipes is that the former is mainly used for outdoor applications. PVC pipes are used for installing drinking water pipes or garden pipes. They are also used for garden sprinkler installation. Because of this, they are made so that they are more resistant to the sun’s UV rays and can last for more extended periods.

It can be quite a few years since you find the need to replace PVC pipes. Moreover, PVC pipes provide better protection against fire accidents because they are better thermal insulators. They are a good choice if plumbing lines run close to the electric lines.

ABC pipes also have their share of advantages. ABS pipes can be used underground as well as above-ground applications. They are the best choice when it comes to indoor piping applications. They are cost-effective and easy to install and can take care of most standard plumbing requirements in your home, as a plumbing professional will tell you.

When Should You Change Your Pipes?

Whether you choose PVC or ABS pipes, they are bound to give you service till a particular point, and then, the plastic from which they are made will start giving way. It is essential to know when to change your pipes so that you can make preparations well in advance, preventing any emergency plumbing crisis.

· Chipping Pipes

If you notice your plastic PVC or ABS pipes have started chipping, then you should call a plumber to check the pipe’s condition. While more minor chips and leaks can be easily fixed, you might have to start thinking about replacements and summoning a plumber if your plastic pipes are dented over extensive areas. Leaks can run down the sides of your property, leaving behind water stain marks and cause water damage over time.

· Excessively Weather-beaten

Both PVC and ABS pipes, especially the former, are resistant to the elements of weather. However, the heat, rain, snow, and sleet will take a toll on the plastic after a point. Rapid cooling and heating can cause the pipe to crack.

What makes matters worse is that the pipes might look fine but could suddenly crack open, creating a big mess without prior warning. The plastic gives way. You should call a plumber for regular maintenance who will update you about your pipe’s overall health and longevity. If they need replacements, the plumbing professional will help you with that too.

· Constant Clogs

If your PVC and ABS pipes are constantly clogging up and creating blockages, then you should think of replacing them. While most clogs are made due to external factors, with some foreign elements blocking the water flow, some clogs are caused because the pipes have started chipping from within.

The interior surface becomes rough, restricting smooth water flow. Hair, food particles, debris, and waste can get stuck in these minor snags, snowballing into a big clog over time. If this keeps happening too often, call over a plumber for inspection and replace the pipes.

Unsure About Whether To Use PVC Pipes or ABS Pipes for Your Plumbing?- Our Experts Are Here To Help!

It can be challenging figuring on your own whether PVC pipes or ABS pipes are best suited to your plumbing requirements. Our expert plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North East Dallas can perform a quick inspection and help you out by choosing the correct plumbing. They will also take care of all the installation requirements at very affordable rates.

Your plumbing, when done right, can last for decades with good maintenance, and this is where our plumbers at McKinney, TX, come in. They ensure that your water and drain lines are perfectly installed, no matter which kind of pipes you opt for. Call us today for an appointment or any other queries that you may have about PVC or ABS pipes, and we are happy to help.

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