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Plumbing is a vital aspect of home maintenance in McKinney, TX. Our daily lives would be very difficult without indoor plumbing providing clean, fresh water to drink and hot water for cleaning and washing. Modern plumbers have the skills and tools to keep our plumbing systems in working order.

Video pipe inspections are a very useful part of plumbing services. They help catch problems early and pinpoint the source of plumbing problems, such as root intrusion, pipe blockages, pipe wall deterioration, and leaking joints. A video inspection can be done to find a problem or used routinely to monitor the state of plumbing infrastructure. If a problem is found, the plumber and homeowner can look at the acquired camera footage and work together to plan a solution.

Excessive Rainfall

Although McKinney, TX, isn’t known for excessive rainfall, storms can lead to a lot of rain falling in a very short time. Heavy rains put pressure on underground pipes. Dirt is much heavier when it’s soaked with water, and thick mud weighs down pipes. Rain also softens soil around buried pipes, so pipes can lose supporting soil at the same time they’re pressed down by heavy dirt. This combination of factors can force pipes out of their original positions and cause cracks. Cracked pipes cause a lot of problems, such as letting dirt into the clean water supply or flooding the yard. If you suspect one of your pipes may have cracked, turn off your water supply and find plumbing services immediately.

Heavy rainfall can also lead to rocks and dirt backing up your plumbing system. Debris can force its way through even tiny cracks, and clogged pipes can let water leak into your basement or crawlspace. Tree roots may cause the same problems. Plumbing pipes are attractive to tree roots because they contain nutrients. Small root tendrils may not be immediately noticeable, but if even a root tip gets into a pipe, it will grow and expand. Watch for water draining slowly from showers or bathtubs and delayed refilling after flushing the toilet. These may be signs of a clog somewhere in your home’s plumbing. Catch problems early by hiring professional plumbing services before winter or spring when precipitation levels tend to be the highest of the year.

Sump Pumps

Precipitation in the form of rain or snow may also cause flooding in some locations. Basements are prone to flooding when too much rain falls at one time. Although saturated soil may lead to flooding, extremely dry soil can do so as well because it can’t absorb excess water fast enough. A sump pump is a flood prevention measure for basements in low-lying areas that are at risk of flooding.

Sump pumps protect your basement by pumping water out. A sump pump should be installed at the lowest part of a basement or crawlspace. A properly installed sump pump starts working when water enters the location. Even small amounts of water encourage mold and mildew growth. It’s also a good idea to have routine plumbing service to check your sump pump periodically and make sure it will work as needed. Relying on a sump pump that doesn’t work can lead to damages and expensive repairs.

Water Heater Maintenance

No homeowner looks forward to expensive repairs or upgrades. Water heaters are a major home appliance that we use every day for showers, washing clothes or dishes, and simply washing our hands at the sink. Extend the life of your water heater with plumbing service maintenance. Newer water heaters may run for years without needing any repairs, but it’s best to catch any problems as early as possible so small repairs don’t turn into big ones.

Sediment can collect on the bottom of a water heater. Although this is very common, it can eventually interfere with your water heater’s efficiency and reduce tank capacity. It’s important to deal with any rust spots or other signs of defects immediately. A leak from the hot water heater can damage floors and furniture. Schedule routine plumbing service to keep water heaters in good working order.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are also appliances that handle frequent use. Some people use ice cubes and salt to clean disposal blades, remove food scraps sticking to the interior of the disposal, and reduce odors. There may be some sharpening effects from grinding ice, but it may be a good idea to hire plumbing services to fix dull disposal blades instead of trying to deal with them yourself.

Some types of food shouldn’t be dumped into a garbage disposal. Meats are often on the excluded list, but you can get rid of small amounts with your disposal. It may sound counterintuitive, but running cold water while grinding meats is preferable to hot water. Hot water can dissolve grease and fats, which coats your pipes and the inside of the disposal. Congealed fat after the hot water stops running becomes a problem and gums up the interior of your disposal. Cold water helps fats stay in solid form to be ground up and washed away.

Never put non-food items in a garbage disposal. Common culprits of disposal damage and drain clogs include plastic utensils, rubber bands, cigarette butts, plant trimmings, and even containers for use with single-cup brewing machines. Use caution with eggshells, corn husks, and fruit or vegetable peelings. They can stick to the sides of disposals and pipes and create blockages. In addition to clogs, the smell of decomposing food can waft out of the pipes into your home. Banana peels are especially problematic because they’re so fibrous and they can wrap themselves around disposal blades and other mechanical parts. If this happens, you may need plumbing services to fix your disposal.

Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North East Dallas provides professional plumbing service to residents in McKinney, TX. Experienced plumbers can evaluate your home’s plumbing system to find potential problems, handle plumbing repairs, and install new pipes and fixtures. A 24/7 emergency service is available for problems that can’t wait for business hours.

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