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Finding A Skilled Plumber | Rockwall, TX

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A plumbing disaster can happen at any time and is often a stressful and messy business. Hopefully, you know a good plumber already, but if you do not, who can you turn to in Rockwall, TX?

How quickly you want a plumber will limit your options. A burst pipe will mean you want a plumber straight away. You need a plumbing company that offers an emergency plumber service 24/7. A kitchen remodel allows you more time to consider your choice. You may want to do a background check on the company and ask some searching questions. You want to know how long they have been in business. Are they licensed? Are they open and transparent about their prices? Do they have many satisfied customers, and positive reviews online?

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North East Dallas ticks all these boxes. We hire only the most skillful plumbers, who we train and retrain in all aspects of customer service and the technical requirements needed to provide a comprehensive range of plumbing services.

Just check all our five-star reviews online, whatever your plumbing needs we will have somebody ready to help you.

Burst Pipes

Having a burst pipe is a common reason for calling a plumber from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Northeast Dallas. It is unlikely that you will get burst pipes after a cold spell in Rockwall, TX, but they are more likely in older properties.

Once you discover a burst pipe you need to act quickly, to avoid a lot of water damage. First, you locate and turn off the mains water valve, then you should open all your taps to drain all the water from your plumbing system. To avoid the risk of electrocution you should also turn off the mains electricity supply. Not everyone knows where their mains water valve is, so now is a good time to find it. The longer the time water from the burst pipe runs the more water damage your property will suffer.

Your Sink Is Draining Slower and Slower

Watching your sink slowly drain ranks up there with watching a kettle boil. Most causes of a slow draining sink are clogs growing in the drain lines. If you have been pouring warm grease and food down your sink you have a clog problem. The grease once it cools will stick to the insides of the drain line. It will later attach food and other materials and continue to grow. The clogs restrict the flow of water through the drain lines, and if no action is taken, they will completely block the lines.

A professional drain cleaning service is the safest way to remove the clogs without damaging the drain lines. Some plumbing companies use strong toxic chemicals to do this, but we have found that these can corrode older pipes and joints, causing a leak. Whatever you do not use old wire coat hangers to remove clogs. We have often found pieces of wire in the drain line; their use is only going to cause further damage.

Dirty Water Is Gurgling Back-Up into Your Sink

As water passes over any clogs in the drain lines, air bubbles are created, and these give rise to the gurgling sounds that you hear. Remove the clogs and you remove the noise.

If you decide to ignore clogs, the drain lines will eventually be blocked, and you will see standing water in the sink. But a far worse problem is if you see dirty, sewer-smelling water backing up into the sink. This indicates that your sewer line is blocked or damaged and means that any wastewater from your home is unable to exit to the main sewer network. That dirty water in your sink has been flushed down your toilet and contains dangerous germs and bacteria. You need help immediately, and you must call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Northeast Dallas for a rapid solution. We have specialist equipment like video cameras at the end of flexible lines to locate and determine the extent of the problem. A blockage can be cleared by using Hydro-Jetting or non-toxic chemical cleaners, but any damage will mean a sewer line repair or replacement.

Low Water Pressure

The causes of low water pressure are many, and it takes a skilled plumber from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Northeast Dallas to quickly find which one. Blockages in your water lines are a common cause, especially in older pipes. In homes with older galvanized steel pipes, rust is a problem. As it forms on the inside of the water lines, the rust can accumulate to block the line. It can also discolor the water and leave a metallic taste.

Limescale is another problem in areas of hard water. You may have noticed limescale forming around the electric heating element in your kettle or water heater. That crusty whitish material around the lips of your taps is also limescale. This limescale is formed when minerals that are dissolved in the water are deposited on any surface in contact with the water. If limescale builds up on the inside of water lines, low water pressure will follow as the flow of water is restricted. The best way to avoid limescale build-up is to have a plumber install a water softener to treat the water before it enters your home.

Your home could have a pressure-reducing valve (PRV), which reduces high water pressure before it damages the pipework in your home. It may be faulty and need replacing.

High Water Bills

Another cause of low water pressure is leaking water somewhere on your property. A leak can be hard to find as many water lines are located behind walls and floors. A big jump in your water bills can often be the first sign that you have a water leak.

Providing Quality Plumbing Services in Rockwall, TX

A plumber from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North East Dallas does not just fix burst pipes. They provide many high-quality plumbing services ranging from installing new water appliances safely, repairing, and replacing new water heaters, and yes, stopping dripping taps. They also offer a maintenance service for your plumbing system, checking for leaks and other plumbing problems.

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