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Common Questions A Plumbing Service Is Asked Daily | Rockwall, TX

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Homeowners often have questions for their plumbers. We’ve found that our plumbers are asked the same questions every day, so we have put together this short guide to help homeowners get the answers they need. It’s important to keep your plumbing system in good condition and call on the help of a plumbing service if necessary. If you’ve ever wondered why your pipes sometimes rattle or make odd gurgling noises, or want to know the difference between hard and soft water, read on.

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Questions Plumbing Services Are Commonly Asked

What’s the difference between hard water and soft?

You may have heard the phrases hard and soft water. But what exactly does this mean? These terms refer to the water’s compensation and mineral content. Hard water contains dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. In some cases, you’ll notice that the water even feels ‘hard’ when you take a shower.

On the other hand, soft water is almost free from minerals but may contain traces of sodium. In most cases, soft water has been treated and the minerals removed before being delivered via pipes to people’s homes. Whether your water is hard or soft will depend on the area you live in. If your water is too hard, the water pressure is also affected, you can ask a plumbing service to install a water filter in your home. This device can be installed underneath your sink and will remove the minerals from your water, making it taste fresher.

Water generally starts off as soft water as our water supply is fed by rainwater directly from the sky. This water is described as soft but collects minerals as it seeps underground. As the water travels underground and into the water basin, it will collect unwanted minerals and become hard. Water can pick up a variety of minerals depending on the areas it travels through. Common minerals found in hard water include lime, chalk, calcium, and magnesium.

Why is flushing my toilet so noisy?

Toilets can be very loud when flushed if there’s a problem and the water isn’t flowing correctly. This is one of the most common plumbing problems. In some cases, it’s caused by the water flowing into the toilet incorrectly. Loud noises can also indicate that the water isn’t able to flow correctly into the refill valve. This makes it hard for the cistern to refill after the toilet has been flushed. Both of these situations result in the toilet not having adequate water to fully flush, and waste may not be flushed away. When waste isn’t fully flushed, a blockage or backup can occur. In the worst cases, this will cause sewage to come back through the pipes and into your home. Sometimes the pipes may even become ruptured, which is very messy and smelly.

Another common cause of a noisy toilet is that refill water may be running down the overflow pipe. When a toilet is fully functioning, it uses refill water to work properly. In toilets that are having issues, the refill water gets stuck at the bottom of the overflow pipe. This causes pressure in the toilet pipes, which makes flushing harder as the water is unable to move out of the pipes correctly. These types of issues need to be resolved as soon as possible by a plumbing service; otherwise, backup is likely to occur.

Toilets that are noisy may be suffering from problems with the flushing mechanisms, which may be incorrectly aligned. If you notice that there’s a delay in the time it takes for your toilet to flush after pushing the button, this is likely the problem. In the long run, this problem may cause the toilet to stop working entirely, and you may end up with a toilet that’s backing up.

If you notice that your toilet is noisy when flushed, has a delayed reaction, or seems hard to flush, you should call in a plumbing service. A plumber can fix your toilet before the situation becomes more severe and you end up with backup in your home.

How can I avoid frozen pipes?

Pipes often get frozen during the winter, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow and frost. If your pipes freeze and thaw continuously, this can weaken them, and you may eventually find that your pipe bursts. You may not notice that you have a burst pipe initially if the pipes are still frozen. When the pipes begin to thaw, a leak will be created.

The good news is that there are a few steps you can take to reduce the chances of your pipes becoming frozen. You can insulate your pipes in the fall before the weather starts to get too cold. Sponge pipe covers are available to protect your pipes. You may also like to insulate your water tank, especially if it’s located in a colder place, such as a loft.

You can also set your heating to a low temperature when you’re not at home. Set the thermostat to about twelve degrees to help avoid frozen pipes. If you need help fitting installation or have a burst pipe that needs fixing, contact your local plumbing service for help and advice.

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