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Can Plumbing Problems Pose a Risk to Your Health?

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We Are Very Reliant on Our Plumbing Systems

Most people are reliant on our plumbing systems for a wide range of routine tasks. As a result, it makes sense that a plumbing problem serious enough to warrant plumbing service can threaten human health. Something that Heath, TX residents might want to watch out for.

What Are Some Ways That Plumbing Problems Can Threaten Our Health?

Here are some examples of how plumbing problems that are serious enough to warrant plumbing service can threaten human health:


Busted plumbing systems can let out sewage in a number of ways. For example, a busted septic tank can see its contents come out, which will be unpleasant to say the least. Likewise, when the pipes become clogged, it is possible for their contents to start coming out of the tubs, the sinks, the toilets, as well as other very inconvenient locations. Regardless, sewage is a huge problem. To some extent, this is because it is so unpleasant. However, it should also be noted that sewage can contain a wide range of pathogens, meaning that Heath, TX residents need to minimize their exposure if they want to minimize their chances of catching something serious. In fact, this is the reason that when people have to clean up backflow, they are recommended to wear eye protection plus protective clothing. Considering how much of a hassle said clean-up process can prove to be, interested individuals should have no doubt that prevention is much better than the cure in this particular instance.


Generally speaking, water isn’t a threat to human health save in volumes that can’t come out of most busted plumbing systems. However, plumbing service for plumbing problems is important because water can create the conditions for potential threats to human health. In short, more moisture makes for a more hospitable environment for mold and mildew, thus encouraging their growth in a building that is experiencing leaks. This is problematic because mold and mildew will worsen the air quality, which can produce a host of symptoms in those who breathe in said air. Some examples include but are not limited to itchy eyes, irritated throat, fever, breathing problems, and respiratory infections. This is particularly problematic for people with pre-existing conditions such as asthma that can be aggravated by bad air quality, which is why said individuals should be even more careful to call for plumbing service when a plumbing problem has been detected.

Bad Drinking Water

Generally speaking, tap water is safe for human consumption. This is because governments have various rules and regulations meant to maintain said state, seeing as how no one wants to see a mass outbreak of horrible health problems thanks to contaminated tap water. Unfortunately, there are times when a busted plumbing system in need of plumbing service can result in bad drinking water that Heath, TX residents should do their best to avoid. For example, the water line might be broken, which can let in potential sources of contamination. Likewise, something else in the plumbing system might have broken down, with the result that it is letting in substances that interested individuals should not be drinking. Fortunately, bad drinking water is often very noticeable to the senses. For instance, it might seem cloudy, which is a sure thing that there are unusual substances floating in it. Furthermore, it could have some kind of color to it, which can indicate a very wide range of chemicals. On top of this, there are some chemicals that can provide water with a noticeable smell, with examples ranging from chlorine to hydrogen sulfide. In fact, it should be mentioned that some unwanted substances in water can even cause it to feel slimy to the touch, which is another warning sign that interested individuals should watch out for.

What Can You Do About This?

Those who want to prevent these potential threats to human health have various measures available to them. For starters, they should be keeping a watchful eye on their plumbing systems so that they can call for plumbing service whenever they notice something wrong. This is important because even small issues can turn into big problems with sufficient passage of time, meaning that interested individuals can save themselves a lot of trouble by being proactive.

Unfortunately, the warning signs aren’t always clear. Even worse, much of the plumbing system is situated out-of-sight, meaning that interested individuals can’t monitor all of it on a constant basis. To make up for this issue, it is best that they arrange for plumbing service in the form of regular inspection and maintenance to complement their own efforts. Essentially, the inspection ensures that potential problems can be caught and corrected by an expert provider of plumbing service. Meanwhile, the maintenance can extend the useful lifespan of the plumbing system’s various components, thus reducing the chances of serious plumbing problems from coming up. On the whole, said system isn’t perfect, but it should nonetheless provide interested individuals with the best chances of minimizing a potential source of threats to their health as well as their loved ones’ health.

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People shouldn’t hesitate to call for plumbing service when they notice something wrong with their plumbing system. After all, the longer that they wait, the greater the chance that the situation will worsen, which can mean an even bigger bill at the end of everything. However, just because a fast response is important, it doesn’t mean that interested individuals should just skip over the process of choosing the right service provider for their plumbing service.

To help you in this regard, our representatives at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North East Dallas are happy to answer any relevant questions that you might have about how we can help. This way, they will be fully-informed about what they can expect from their plumbing choices. Something that should maximize their chances of getting their desired outcome out of everything, which is very important when one considers the potential consequences of a botched plumbing job.

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