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Alarming Signs Of Potential Sewer Line Problems And How A Plumber Can Help | Rockwall, TX

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Modern homes have several invisible systems that play a vital role in their efficient functioning. The drainage system lies hidden in the walls and under the ground of your Rockwall, TX home. Most people forget the sewer system discreetly moves the wastewater from your kitchen, bathroom, and toilet to the city’s main sewer line. You may also forget how inconvenient life can become if the wastewater remains clogged in sinks and bathrooms.

The drainage system stays invisible and continues to function efficiently year after year. If something in your drainage system breaks down, you might know it immediately until the problems start appearing on the surface.

For example, a problem in the drainage system means the water in the bathroom or sink does not drain fast. When such a problem appears, we think about the drainage system and call a plumber to fix the issue.

It is common for people not to perform sewer line maintenance until some problem appears and causes inconvenience. Though the sewer line is a simple pipeline to transport wastewater to the city sewer line, several things can cause problems in your sewer line.

Common Sewerage Line Problems

Some of the sewer line problems that can cause blockages are

  • Fractures in pipes due to a sudden shift in the ground
  • Leakages caused by corrosion of pipes
  • Hungry plant roots hijacking your sewer pipes
  • Drains clogged due to disposal of fats and oil through your sink or toilets.

Since the sewer lines are located underground, you cannot observe these pipes and the damage happening. It is only when the sewer lines do not move wastewater away from your home, you come to know there is some problem with the sewer line, and you need to call a plumber to fix it.

According to drainage experts, sewer line problems don’t appear suddenly. The drainage system gives out warning signs, and you need to be proactive to notice them and take corrective action by calling a professional to find out the cause and fix the sewer line problem.

Signs to Watch for

Strange Gurgling Sounds

Do you hear any percolating or gurgling sound when you flush the toilet? If the answer is yes, there is reason to worry. A well-running drain allows water to flow freely without making any noises. A gurgling sound indicates that something is blocking the smooth flow of water through sewer lines.

If any large tree exists besides your sewer lines, its roots could have invaded your sewer line. Repairing or replacing the pipes is the only solution to resolve the issue. Call the plumber immediately to diagnose the cause of the gurgling sound and fix the problem in the sewer line.

Frequent Toilet Backups

An occasional toilet backup could be the result of excessive use of paper. However, if you notice frequent toilet backups, the reason could be some problem with the sewer line. According to plumber services, people end up flushing items that should not be dumped in sewer lines. These items cause blockages in sewer lines and frequent toilet backups. In that scenario, call a professional in Rockwall, TX, to find the cause behind the frequent toilet backups and solve the problem.

Slow Draining Sinks and Tubs

The basin, tubs, and kitchen sinks in your home are connected to the sewer line to move wastewater to the main city sewer line. The fat, oil, and small food particles washed away with water get collected at the joints forming a buildup.

The buildup is initially tiny and does not affect the efficiency of the drain system. Over time the buildup increases inside the pipe, and there is very little space inside the pipe for the water flow. It leads to the slow draining of sinks and tubs. If you notice the sink doesn’t drain quickly like earlier, call a plumber to find the root cause for slow draining and clear the blockage in the sewer pipe.

Foul Odor

The sewer line carries wastewater away from home. The wastewater containing decaying organic matter gets deposited at joints or inside the circumference of the pipe. Over time, the buildup increases, and the decaying matter stuck to the pipes starts decomposing, which gives out a foul smell.

If there is decaying matter buildup inside the sewer line, the foul smell emanates through the sink, toilets, and bathroom. A clean sewer line will never give out a bad smell. If there is a foul odor coming out from the drainage system, call a plumber and clean the sewer line.

Mold and Mildew on Walls

The sewer lines run through the walls before connecting to the main sewer line. Cracks in sewer line running through walls spread and causes wet spots on the wall. These wet spots encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

If you notice any mold and mildew on walls, there might be a leakage in the sewer line or plumbing. In that scenario, call the plumber to find the leakage in the wall and get it fixed to avoid further damage.

Wet Spots in the Lawn

It feels nice to have lush green grass on your lawn. Many times the sewer lines leakages cause water to seep around, and you might see abnormal wet patches in your lawn. It could be a sign of sewer line leakage that needs to be fixed by calling a plumber.

Call a Reliable Plumbing Company for Sewer-Related Issues

You can trust bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North East DallasRockwall, TX to fix any sewer line problems in your house. We have been providing plumbing and drainage-related services in Rockwall, Texas, for more than a decade. We have a long list of happy customers who love us for impeccable services and professionalism.

We are available 24×7 at your service; give us a call, and we will reach your home at the earliest and fix any sewer line problem effectively. We guarantee our plumber will leave your house after you are satisfied with our work.

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