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7 Reasons You Should Never Attempt A DIY Project A Plumber Should Do | Rockwall, TX

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With so many how-to guides and YouTube step-by-step tutorials on the Internet, you may be under the impression that you can make your home’s next plumbing issue a DIY project. However, for many reasons, this is a grave mistake. Keep reading to find out just a few key reasons why calling a plumber is always the right choice.

1. You Probably Can’t Accurately Diagnose the Problem

You might think you know the plumbing issue you’re dealing with, but what if you’re wrong? Let’s say you think your water is running slow because you have a clogged drain. You attempt to unclog the drain, think you’ve solved the problem, and move on with your day. When, in reality, you have a leak in your pipe that is causing significant damage to your plumbing. By the time you notice the problem hasn’t been fixed and call a professional, you’ll have wasted valuable time. The real issue likely continued to progress, which will cost you more money and time at the end of the day.

A plumber has the skills and training to come into a situation and diagnose the root of the problem. They’ll examine all possibilities and ensure that the real issue is being addressed.

2. You Probably Don’t Have All The Necessary Tools

Many plumbing issues can require tools such as a basin wrench, pipe wrench, hand auger, tubing cutter, fire-resistant clothes, propane torches, and more. Not only do you likely not have all these necessary tools, but going out and buying all of them could cost as much as calling a plumber in the first place! You would also likely waste valuable time as you attempt the job, find out you’re missing a tool, and have to go out and buy it … only to come home and find out you’re missing another tool! Save yourself the headache and call in a professional who will bring every tool they need and get the job done quickly.

3. You More Than Likely Don’t Understand Plumbing Parts

When you’re installing or fixing a plumbing fixture or pipes and adding in new parts, you must choose the right type. If you install a plumbing part that can’t handle the pressure, it could end up breaking and causing a huge plumbing problem. Understanding which parts are best must be done on a case-by-case basis. It’s not as easy as googling an answer online because factors need to be considered, such as your water tank size, water usage, water pressure, and more.

A plumber will come in and inspect the situation and use the appropriate parts for your plumbing.

4. You Could Turn a Small Plumbing Problem Into a Big One

Perhaps you’re starting with a small plumbing issue. And, because it’s a small issue, you think you can DIY this project. Unfortunately, in your inexperienced attempt to fix the problem, you actually create a much more significant issue. You would be surprised how often this happens. People use chemical drain cleaners to unclog a small drain and end up destroying their old pipes, requiring pipe replacements instead! Or, you attempt to stop a small leak coming out of your bathroom faucet. You don’t fix the problem correctly, and the water starts collecting underneath the sink, causing a much bigger problem.

It may feel silly to call a professional for a problem that seems easy to you. However, you call a professional to ensure it’s done quickly and correctly. Think about it this way – a small problem will be a quick and affordable call to the professionals. In comparison to what could happen if you ignore or DIY this problem and end up dealing with a major catastrophe instead!

5. You Could Damage Other Parts of Your Home

Your plumbing is connected throughout your home and can impact many areas of your house. When you attempt to fix a plumbing issue yourself, it could lead to other problems in your home. For example, if you fix a leak incorrectly, the leak can spread and damage your walls, ceilings, or floors. Or, that leak could cause mold growth, which is a danger to you and your family. Once again, this risk is avoided by using a professional instead.

6. Your Home Insurance Could Be Voided

Let’s say you fix a plumbing issue and it causes a major problem down the line. Perhaps you thought you fixed a small leak or a clog, but just days later, your pipes exploded, and the house flooded. If you submit an insurance claim for the damage, your insurance company may conduct an investigation. If they ask to see receipts from a plumber (because they understand that faulty plumbing caused the pipe burst) and you can’t produce the invoice, your claim may be denied. For this reason, it’s essential to work with certified and insured plumbers. Plumbers carry professional damage insurance, so their insurance policy can cover the costs if they ever make a mistake.

7. You Could Be Putting People in Danger

Plumbing may seem straightforward, but it’s actually quite complicated. Plumbers spend years in school receiving training and then gain first-hand knowledge on the job. When you attempt to DIY a plumbing issue, you could be putting yourself or others in danger. You could do something that results in toxic mold getting into your home’s water supply. Or, you could not realize that there’s a gas leak, which is extremely dangerous. Lastly, you could hurt yourself while attempting plumbing repairs – sustaining an eye injury from a flying object or inhaling toxic chemicals. Frankly, this element of danger should be enough to convince you to call a professional instead.

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