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7 Disturbing Plumbing Noises That Warrant An Expert Plumber Inspection | McKinney, TX

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The sound of water dripping from the faucet is one of the most familiar tropes used in scary movies, but the reasons why you should be wary of this issue have nothing to do with supernatural elements in your house.

Plumbing noises pose a far more significant and more practical threat to the wellbeing of your home. You might not be able to locate the exact source of the noise or might not even be aware of plumbing issues because of the strange noises you hear.

However, a plumber in McKinney, TX, will tell you precisely about the source and cause behind the strange noises in the plumbing. Here are seven disturbing noises that you should know and call the experts to tend to them.

Banging Noises

Water does not seem like an element that can produce that kind of noise. And yet, banging noises from the plumbing are pretty common. They usually indicate fluctuating water pressure or interrupted water flow. This can cause air bubbles to form inside the plumbing, and when they erupt, they sound like bangs.

Similarly, this kind of noise may also be caused if you suddenly turn off the faucet and the water goes out and contact the closed valve. This could also result in a hammering-like sound. When you again release the faucet, water might sputter and stop before resuming its flow. The air bubbles can be caused for several reasons, so you need an expert plumber to look into the issue.

Humming Noises

You could sometimes hear a dull hum coming from the pipes, and you might also notice a vibration deep within the walls. This can happen when the water pressure is greater than what your system is equipped to handle. Thus, they leave the pipes vibrating, which echoes inside the walls, creating a humming noise.

If your system has to deal with high pressure consistently, it might cause a system overload and cause it to crash altogether. You should call a plumbing company to check the water pressure of your tank. They have the required tools to check the water pressure and will regulate it according to the capacity of your system. Ideally, it should not go above about 100 kilograms per square inch. This should take care of the humming noise.

Gurgling Noises

This kind of noise is indicative of an impending blockage. When a clog slowly starts building up in your drain, you will hear these strange gurgling noises caused by the outgoing water meeting a barrier. The obstruction can be in one of the bends or near the outlet where the pipes meet the main sewer lines.

The clogs are usually common in bathroom drains, with hair, debris being often accumulating in a bend. Or it could be your kitchen wastes slowly building up deep inside the pipes.

Suppose you live in a region with hard water. In that case, mineral builds up in the pipes could also result in such noises as they keep creating obstructions for the water with the deposits accumulating in the inner lining of the pipes.

Only an experienced plumber will diagnose the exact reason for the gurgling noises and take action accordingly to stop them.

Rattling Sounds

Though a little uncommon, you will be able to hear such noises if your pipes have become loose. This is a common issue with old homes in McKinney, TX when the plumbing pipes attached to the side of the house starts falling away.

A clamp could go missing, or a section of the line could have just collapsed. You need a professional to replace the old pipes with new ones, and they will secure them firmly to avoid noises or mishaps in the future.

Squealing Noises

Squealing noises are usually heard when your plumbing system is under some pressure. A component of your plumbing could have come off, or your appliances could have started malfunctioning. This is most common with appliances like washing machines or dishwashers.

The water entering or leaving the appliances might not be doing so with ease. Your system might be overloaded, and your appliances might be sending out a signal that there is too much or too little water.

Fluctuating water pressure can also cause them to break down, which needs to be resolved to avoid costly repairs later on. You should call a plumber to resolve the issue soon.

Hissing Noises

You might notice hissing sounds coming from the plumbing at times, especially water fixtures. This is usually because your water pressure is too high. Not only does it produce that noise, but it also means you end up using a lot more water than you need. It will inadvertently increase the water bills you pay at the end of the month.

You should consult a plumber to understand the correct water pressure, and if needed, the plumber will install a regulator to help you control the flow. However, if the noise persists, it could be due to an underlying issue, and yours will tell you about the problem.

Thudding Noises

You might often hear thudding noises emerging from deep within the walls. This is not a significant issue. It is caused due to compression if a faucet is suddenly turned off. However, a plumbing professional can fix the problem for you by installing shock absorbers or regulators. They can also install air chambers to combat this problem.

Contact Our Expert Plumbers to Get Permanent Solutions for Plumbing Noises

Not all noises arising from your plumbing are indicative of intense problems. However, you don’t know that. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North East DallasMcKinney, TX, we know how quickly a minor concern can spiral out of control and result in major plumbing issues.

You can never be too careful. This is why hiring plumbing to address any strange noises would be the prudent step. Our expert plumbers will inspect your entire plumbing system, check your appliances and do the needful to stop the noises from disturbing you again. Our plumbers will arrive at your designated time, and our affordable services are just what you need to put your mind at rest.

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