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7 Common Problems to Call a Plumber Immediately | NE Dallas, TX

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Many homeowners attempt to fix their plumbing issues on their own. But this does not resolve the problem if the issue is a major one.  Where you may be able to tackle some plumbing projects on your own, most plumbing projects should be left for a professional plumber.

Here is the breakdown of a few plumbing issues that highly need a professional.

When to Call a Plumber?

1.     A Clogged Sink

In our houses, the most common reason for sink clogging includes the liquids into the sink, food, hair, soap scum etc. This makes severe build-up where the water can no longer drain off.

To fix this issue, you really need a plumber that will help to solve the problem by tracing deep in the sink pipe. The issue of clogged sink should not be fixed by liquid drain cleaners, as they can cause long term damage to your pipes, you can immediately contact a plumbing company and get rid of this problem once and for all.

2.     Flooding

Even though you may survive for some days without cleaning the clogged sink, but the problem of flooding in unbearable. Thus, flooding is one of the major problems that require an immediate solution.

The homeowners of NE Dallas, TX will agree to the fact that flood can ruin a house by destroying everything; from floor to furniture. The overflowing of water is caused by a broken pipe or backed-up toilets so you should get a professional to come take care of this issue right away.

3.     Installation

What do you do when the old toilet or sink break? Definitely, you would like to repair the old one and tends to install a new model. Yes, it is true that when the old one breaks, this has to be remodeled or replaced. In this condition, a plumber is the one who would be happy to install a new model for you. They are professional and trained personnel to install or fit the pipes, and faucets swiftly.

With the service or maintenance, you will get a new model of washroom, kitchen or of any place in your house as you fancied.

4.     The Water around Hot Water Heater

The water around the hot water heater is one of the common problems faced by homeowners, especially in the winter season when the use of water heaters is necessary.

What would you do when hot water is leaking? Do you know the reason why the hot water heater is leaking? Here you can get your answer!

The hot water heater is leaking because of the cracked tank. In such a case, you cannot do anything other than wait or call a plumber to fix the problem. If you don’t take any action, it can cause continuous leaking, unpleasant sounds, or rusty water. Thus, you should be responsive!

More importantly, the best actions you can take is to shut off the valve and diligently cut off the supply of water. This help to stop the water flow until you contact any professional.

5.     No Hot Water

In the summer season, there is not much concern for hot water, since the water is naturally warmer. But when we talk about the winter season, the issue of no hot water is something that needs to tackle forthwith.

Especially if you live in an area that is cold enough, hot water is far needed.  Hence, you would obviously need to fix the pipelines or require to replace the water heater to get the hot water. This can be done by calling a professional plumber. Optimistically, this will make bathing more pleasant for you!

6.     Home Repair / Maintenance

You might be able to do the home repair and maintenance yourself, though there are some critical projects that need a call for professional support.

Some plumbing maintenance tasks that should need the help of plumber are:

  • Working with garbage disposal and water heater
  • To test water pressure in pipes
  • Investigate the damages in pipes and inspect exposed pipes
  • Examine the shower heads
  • Inspect running sinks

Henceforth, it’s always safe and good to call plumbing professionals for the time-to-time survey. This reduces the chance of uncertainty in your house.

7.     Leaking Faucet

Dripping faucets or leaky pipes can be annoying; not only for water pooling issues and for sound, but it can also lead to a high issue that is of water damage. Majority of homeowners believe that leaking faucet can cost a lot of money.

Besides, the homeowner is responsible for paying their bills including the water bill. In the case of water leakage, the water is going to waste; still, the homeowner will be charged for it.

In such a case, would you feel it convenient to pay the bill for leaking faucet or for the water that will be going to waste? Obviously not! Henceforward, you would need a professional plumber undoubtedly to get your leaking faucet fixed.


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